Sitting, wishing, waiting…


Do you ever feel as if you have been sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere just WAITING for some kind of change?

Whether you are waiting for someone to drive by and have enough pity to give you a ride, or hoping that your legs get super strong so you can easily run down that path, it does not matter.  Either way, you are still sitting.

As we sit and wait, it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves.  If only I had more money, I could buy new shoes and jog this road in no time.  If only I was smarter, I wouldn’t have ended up here in the first place.  Maybe if I was prettier, someone would stop and give me a ride.

If I just had MORE, I wouldn’t be here.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, none of this matters.  You are here.  On the side of the road.  Sitting in dirt.  So what are you going to do about it?

You have two options:

  1. Stay where you are
  2. Get up and do something

As I sit here in my own proverbial dirt on the side of the road, I am tempted to just stay here and wait.  Maybe the circumstances will change.  Maybe those “if only’s” will work out.  Maybe I will finally be enough.

Yet I know what I must do.  I have been here before, and although they were some of the hardest challenges, I survived.  I know I can stand and take that first step into the unknown.  It is scary.  My heart feels weak, reminding me of my mortality.  But that alone is enough to propel me forward.  I am mortal.  Nobody knows how much time they will be given on this earth.  That seems like all the more reason to LIVE.  I don’t want to run away from experiencing all that is possible in my allotted years.  I don’t want to reach my Father and tell Him I didn’t live, love, and experience every beautiful part of this journey because I was too afraid to try or I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do with my time.

Of course there will be fears that arise.  There may be rocks or potholes.  I might fall a few times.  There will be good days, where the sun shines brightly and warms my skin as I go.  I know with certainty that there will also be rain and snow.  Life is not going to be easy.  It never is, nor was it ever meant to be.

We were sent to this world to be tested.  To see if we could trust in God and His plan.  To recognize that His love was enough to cover all we ever need.  Only then will he lead us to paradise.  What matters is what we do in the meantime.

Life is not easy.  Love is never simple.  But it is worth the risk.

What if right down the road, there is a fork in the path that will lead you to everything you have ever wanted and dreamed of?  There is only one way to find out.  You have to stand up.  Take a step out into the wild.  Have faith.  Alternatively, if you stay sitting in the dirt waiting for something to happen, you might miss some of the most beautiful adventures of life.


No matter what personal road you are traveling on right now, please never forget one thing: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  There may be fog covering your view, rocks in your path, or fences to climb.  It may be hard to even think about standing up.  But when you take a single step forward, God will be holding you up.  Angels will surround you and help carry the burden of traveling that road.  Although you cannot see what is coming along the path, there is someone who can.  He loves you beyond any imagination, and he will be there next to you as you take one step at a time.  He knows where you are going, and he won’t leave you.


XOXO – Heath


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