Kindness begins with you

  Remember that old saying, “Kindness begins with you?” Have you ever really taken the time to think about that in the literal sense? The world spends a ton of time focusing on teaching people to be nice to others, (which is essential) but there is not a ton of discussion about where that kindness comes from. Does it just show up out of thin air with a POOF? Can you buy some in a jar on aisle 7 at the grocery store?   

Kindness, or the act of being nice, is an outward action that people choose to use (or not use) while interacting with the people around them. The special thing about it is that it literally does “begin with you.”

I am not pointing fingers, I promise! I will be the first to say that I struggle with this almost every SINGLE day. Some days it is extra hard, and some days it just happens. What, then, are we all culprits of?  

​Beating ourselves up.  

The world spends so much time teaching us to be nice to others and not hurt their feelings, but how often do you actually take the time to apply that to yourself?  

 You, RIGHT NOW, are good enough.

Do you know that? More importantly, do you believe it?

Life is already hard enough all on its own. It doesn’t need your negative self-perception added in. It is always going to be a challenge. When we signed up to come to earth by choosing Christ in the preexistence, we shouted for joy! We knew that any trial we experienced on the earth while in our physical bodies would be worth it in order to return to Him once it was over.  

Your Heavenly Father is not only waiting for you to come home, but he knows everything you are facing – good and bad. He knows Satan will tempt you. He knows which days will be full of happiness, and he is there each time you feel alone or forgotten. I think that is actually when he stays closest to our sides. Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for YOU so that he would know how to succor, or help you, at your lowest.  

He knows how you feel when things don’t work out. Because he has been there before. There is no one better to turn to when you are feeling down, but he does not want us to linger there.


You were masterfully and perfectly created by God. He does not make mistakes. He does not mess up. He knew exactly what he was doing when he made you. Trust him! It is easy to look inward and then compare yourself to where you think everyone else is in life. If you are scanning through social media wondering why others all seem to have the perfect life and gorgeous kids and designer home, I recommend that you put that phone down and leave it for an hour.   

Take five minutes and write down all the blessings you can think of in that time. Then, get on your knees and pray for help to see all that you have been blessed with. I promise, they are all around you.  

Start looking outward – not to see what others have – but to see what others lack. Find opportunities to give of yourself, to serve and love those around you. The best way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to help lift another. Heavenly Father has blessed you with SO MANY talents! He sent you to use them and learn how to share them. Start now.

As you work to serve others, you will naturally be able to see the good that is engrained in each of them. You will learn to love them. As you focus on the good around you, it will become easier to see the good inside of you. Your external shell is not who you are. Just focus on being healthy and happy so that you can continue to lift others, and He will help you see your beauty. He will show you your capacity to love. And he will allow you to grow in every way.

If you feel that you are alone in your mistakes, that you continue to mess up, and you aren’t feeling too kind towards yourself, pray for help. Pray to see your value, to know your worth in His eyes.  


He loves you. Show yourself the love you deserve and give the bullying a break. You are amazing and perfect and enough – just the way you are.XOXO – Heath


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