A Minimalism Challenge

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Along with all the other changes I have been making in my life, I have been thinking and planning to add a few other BIG adjustments.  I heard about minimalist lifestyles a few months ago while scanning through Pinterest.

At first, I just thought “good for you, but I need all this stuff.  I use it all.”

I let the whole concept “stew” in my mind over the following weeks.  As I get dressed in the morning, I pay attention to the fact that all of these clothes I couldn’t get rid of still hang in my closet untouched.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am HUGE on downsizing my closet.  Instead of going through clothes once a year, I do it for spring cleaning, summer cleaning, fall cleaning, and winter cleaning.  I get rid of at least one bag of things I don’t use every season.

So why is this minimalist stuff so hard?

Great question.  Since I have had plenty of time to self-reflect, I realized something else.  I am just like pretty much everyone else.  I have attached my worth to the QUANTITY of stuff I have, rather than the QUALITY.  Despite my 3-month cleaning plans, I still can’t let go of the desire to have a closet that LOOKS full even though I don’t use most of it.  But when I get rid of old outfits that no longer work for me, I usually find myself at the store buying something new.  It is a never-ending trap!

I have decided to stop the crazy cycle once and for all.

Surely it will not happen all in one day, but I am starting now.  As a society, we are expected to always want more, better, and bigger.  This unfortunately does not agree with my previous POST about getting out of debt.  Sure, I am out of debt right now.  But spending all this excess money isn’t going to help in the long run.  I want to save up to buy a house, and the constant need for MORE is really infringing on my savings.


Who am I comparing myself to?  Does the amount of stuff I have really affect my worth as a person?  No.  Of course not.  Most people don’t know I have all this stuff anyways because I never wear any of it.

Want to join me?  Let’s do it together.  I will be documenting my journey here, so stop back for tips.  I would love to hear what you think about minimalism, what your best ideas are for beating the shopping bug, and how your life has been changed by having less stuff and living for the important things…Faith, Family, and Friends!

XOXO – Heath


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