Guys, I made a big mistake. Uggghh! You know the kind….right after it happens, you just wish for a replay moment and can’t get it off your mind. It lingers. Festers, really.

There I was, working at a football toss booth at the University of Utah vs Michigan game. The sun had been melting us from behind for awhile. Despite the heat, our line was HUGE. It was full of my favorite kind of people…Ute fans!

I was taking a water break and handing out some giveaways at the prize table.

     Then I looked up.

Standing in that line, there was a man. He was wearing a black Utes hat and shirt. He also had the football stripe ute tattoos under his sparkly eyes. And brown hair. (Okay maybe I imagined the sparkles in his eyes, but I’m pretty sure they were there). Possibly attending the game with his dad. Or a friend. Can’t remember!

For real, it was like a movie. His gorgeous eyes kept catching mine. One of us would smile and then glance away. Repeat.

After he played the football toss game, the handsome stranger came over and I asked him how many points he had scored (on the game!!). He bashfully admitted to missing all of them but of course I had to stall so I kept him around as long as possible.

And then he was gone. 

Queue depressing “One Direction” song. Or Justin Bieber. Whichever makes you more sad.

Do you realize the odds of seeing a person again in a crowd of over 47,000 people? Nope, it’s not high.

I should have:

A: asked him for his name

B: asked him for his number

C: stolen a microphone while down on the field so I could locate him

Did I do any of these things?

No. No I did not. Because I clearly wasn’t thinking. 

So if by chance you happen to know this guy from my description or care to help me find him, please share. I would love to at least say “hey” since I was totally star-struck in his presence the first time.   I was wearing this hat at the game. ⬆️

Where’s Waldo? But seriously, on a side note: this game was AMAZING! Utah Utes do not disappoint. Also I have the greatest coworkers and it was so much fun partying with them! Despite the #DeathPretzel that nearly put us all in the hospital, the Utes still have my heart.


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