A Glimpse of Radiance

 Do you ever wonder how everyone else always looks perfect in their social media posts? In the meantime, I am over here trying to hide my bad hair day, stress-induced breakouts, and body issues.

Media has drilled the concept that we should present only the most beautiful versions of ourselves to the public eye. Our “less appealing” behind-the-scenes issues should be kept under lock and key. But I think Coco Chanel was right on:

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” -Coco Chanel

Today, I am doing something scary. If only to prove to myself that it isn’t even scary. Or it shouldn’t be. I have allowed the world to be intertwined into my thoughts of what I should be and look like. It is time to let all of those pressures go.

I am sharing a look into reality…. A glimpse only my family and a few close friends have seen. It is me. Without a filter of makeup or editing.  

Almost. I am working up to it!!

I wanted to share a little piece of what Cara Brook @ maskcara.com said about a year ago after sharing pictures of her mom’s makeover:

“I would argue that at 60 years old and having given birth to 9 children she is more beautiful today than she ever has been.

Look at her eyes. There are no short cuts to getting eyes like that. I imagine it took thousands of tears to polish them enough to sparkle so softly and sweetly.

Her smile. How many happy moments and completely hilarious jokes did it take to leave those gorgeous smile impressions around her mouth? They linger after each smile as if her face remembers too many joyful moments for them to be fully erased.

I used to be so petrified of getting older. So afraid of wrinkles or pregnancy weight or for my hair to turn gray, but not any more. I know that if every year I give all I have to give, laugh as much as I can, treat every new experience as an adventure and every new person as a chance to love and care for someone, then I will be more beautiful at 102 than I was at 22.

I can’t wait for the chance.”

I am just in love with everything about this. Not only is it an amazing tribute to an angel mother, but it reminds us of all that goes into beauty. Life will inevitably happen. It cannot be avoided. How we choose to look at things will ultimately decide the way our wrinkles appear, whether laugh lines or frown marks. It is up to you!

Also just a shout out to the lovely Cara’s makeup line, Maskcara Cosmetics while I’m on the subject! I love this stuff! It is easy to use and apply, and for once I feel comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel like it changes who I am or what I look like. It only brings out the features I have and allows me to work with the canvas I was given. End tangent.  But just in case you want to investigate and check this amazing bomb-sauce out, go here:  Maskcara Cosmetics IIID Foundation You’re welcome :) 


“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” -Suzanne Collins

Next time you look in the mirror, be kind. Notice how radiant you are. Beauty is right in front of you.

XOXO – Heath


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