just a pair of shoes

i am obsessed. True story. Even when I don’t have the money to buy shoes, I still look at them, pin them, and look at everyone’s feet just to see what shoes they are wearing.

You realize the addiction has peaked about the same time your collection has to be moved to the hall linen closet and the sheets and towels are forced to inhabit a much smaller home far away….

If there was a therapy addiction meeting, it would go something like this: “Hi, my name is Heather. On my honor I have not bought a pair of shoes in like two or three weeks. But holy smokes, have you seen the new ones at DSW?! I had to force myself to close the website, but I did it.” Ensue clapping – inspirational waving to the fans – maybe a few tears shed admiring my strength.

There is just something about a pair of shoes. These things keep your feet protected all day. They travel with you on all the best adventures. For real, there is some serious under-appreciation going on!

So today I just want to take a moment and appreciate a pair of shoes.

This pair:


I know…what????

These boats are pretty torn up. They have seen a few adventures. They have traveled far and kept some feet protected.

This is what I love about shoes.

These guys in particular are very special. They kept the feet of my brother safe for TWO whole years. They have trampled down rocks, dirt, and challenges that most couldn’t even imagine facing.

It may be a little cliché to share missionary shoes, but I just want to make sure everyone in the world sees it. It is very common for an LDS missionary to have a little wear and tear on their shoes. But have you ever thought about what it means?

(Duh, silly Heather…it means they walked a lot!!!?)

These pictures mean something more now that I have seen them in person. I see hard work. Pain. Blisters. Dirt. Two years of only speaking to my buddy once a week in a short email. Struggles. Tears. Okay, a lot of tears. A ruined pair of shoes.

But look again….there are a few other things hiding out in those shoes. 

I see hard work. Passion. Faith. Hope. Truth. Guidance. Obedience. Friendship. Service. The hand of God. Strength. Sacrifice. A pair of shoes that served the purpose of their creation.

These can all be summarized into one word:


Humans choose to act based on the priority of the task.

If it is something you don’t care about, it will be left in the dust and forgotten.

Alternatively, if you truly believe in the cause and will do whatever it takes to succeed, you will give your all.

My brother loves the people of Chile. He lives and loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. He experienced challenges and trials while he was away in these shoes. Most importantly, he has grown close to the Savior of the world. He has shared his testimony of the truthfulness of the church of Jesus Christ. He worked hard, played hard, and kept walking. My brother represented our Savior as a full-time missionary for two whole years.

I just want him to know how much I love him, how proud I am of him, and how happy I am to be his sister for this life and eternity. He is one of my best examples and I hope to one day be nearly as good and kind-hearted as him.

I used to believe that one pair of shoes could change the world. I would like to offer an amendment:

A pair of shoes cannot change the world, but the person wearing them, can.

It’s all about love.

XOXO – Heath


2 thoughts on “just a pair of shoes

  1. L, this made me sniffle a bit. I bet if those shoes could talk, they would have tons of stories to tell. I can’t believe the miles put on them. He didn’t even want to wear his new pair his first week back to church. He is darn proud of those warn out old shoes. We may have to keep them in the “chile” box! He even dumped dirt out of them on Sunday before he put them back on. I’m so glad he served for two years and sacrificed so much, it has truly made him a better man! Well said! -Ma

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