birds in flight

So…yeah. I may or may not have a broom on my head in this picture. While simultaneously sharing some feelings. Let me explain! 

We had to remove the hoop to park our trailer this one time…due to the weight of the metal, the screws would NOT line up and it kept leaning down too far. Rather than A: get another ladder or B: just leave it off, I chose C: a creative alternative in which you prop it up with a random item.

My arms got tired. So next best option? Practice balancing with a broom on my head. Obviously….

Why, then, am I also displaying my middle finger? One point could be made that I am pretty talented for being able to succeed at such a thing to begin with. But I digress. My mom stated something to the effect of “I bet the neighbors are watching out their window.” Hence the bird.

How often do we look out the window of our homes, our cars, or as we walk through the journeys of life, and wonder what the crap our neighbors or fellow brothers and sisters are doing?? Do we watch with amusement as they skillfully balance a broom on their noggin? Or do we cross the street and extend a hand?

Life is short. It is difficult. It can challenge us beyond our capabilities once in awhile. Just remember to look out the window and find opportunities to help others. Watching from the other side of the glass won’t get you anything but birds.

XOXO – Heath

(If only all birds were as cute as these baby quails!)


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