in awe

i am amazed and filled with love for all of the good people that surround me. They work regular jobs, eat regular food, and have regular families. They appear to be just “average joes” by the standards of the world.

          they are anything BUT regular.

How, then, do we recognize these individuals who are secretly going about DOING good?  Just take a minute and look upon their hearts.  Do they have challenges like everyone else?  Most likely.  It seems to be a common factor that isn’t preferencial to race, religion, gender, or even wealth.

So what’s the difference!?

As agreed upon, struggles happen to all people. The factor that changes things, that separates the regular from the extraordinary, is SERVICE.  These “regular” people do what they can to ease the burdens of others.  For real…they exist!  I’ve seen it in action!

It is so easy to be miserable while pondering the way circumstances played out in the past, or even in present difficulties. Life is hard. It is taxing on our spirits. But a little thing called service can reverse your perspective. It comes from love.  When we take time to look outside ourselves and help someone who is also having a hard time, we will discover help. We will discover relief. We will discover that we are more capable of enduring through our own struggles.

That is where true happiness and peace grows from.

The love of Christ can heal all bitter heartaches if we will but take the time to share it.

XOXO – Heath


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