a new dream

It is funny to me how much of an impact a single comment can have on your thoughts.  What a perfect reminder to be aware of what words I speak to others in a simple interaction. It may stick with them for days…

I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription on Monday.  Here is the conversation that ensued between me and one of the pharmacy technicians:

P: what are you doing these days? Are you still in school?

Me:  I am working full time at (company).

P: are you going to go back to school?

Me: I graduated about a year ago with a degree in English, I am not sure whether I will go back to school in the future or not!

P: wow, weren’t you going to go to medical school in Florida?  You used to have such BIG dreams!! 


I fully recognize that this was not a malicious or cruel comment in any way.  This employee is kind, intelligent, and thoughtful enough to have remembered what I had wanted to do with my life IN ADDITION TO everything going on in their own personal life!  What they said was not directed to hurt me. But it did make me ponder a few things…

What am I doing with my life? Are my dreams big enough? Did I short-change myself by not going to medical school?  Did I fail? Do I have courage to do everything differently? Am I happy?

My life is not exactly how I expected it to be as I approach 25 years of breathing. I am still single. I don’t have kids to ruin in my own particular fashion. I don’t own a home in the suburbs (or anywhere for that matter!) But one thing is sure.  My dreams have been altered. Reformed. Designed for a greater purpose.

What happened to my big dreams? I realized something important the last couple of days as I considered this discussion. I still want to be a doctor. I want to heal the pains, sickness, hurt, cuts, bruises, and broken hearts of others. My dream is still big and a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t require years of schooling.  (Although a handbook or instruction manual would be AMAZING!!) I want to be a mother. There is nothing greater than this single most important calling in life in my opinion. Maybe I won’t have children of my own during my time on earth, but I can bless and mend the hearts and struggles of those around me until I do. I can love the way Jesus Christ loved.


“If you continue to live as you are living, will the blessings promised in your patriarchal blessing be fulfilled?”  -Carlos A. Godoy of the Seventy (The Lord has a plan for us! October 2014, LDS General Conference)

So…what is my point?!  If you don’t feel that your dreams are custom-fit to your deepest inner desires, be brave enough to step back and change them.   Live in a manner that will allow all of the blessings you deserve to be poured on you like the Ice-Bucket Challenge…and then be able to “tag” those you love by sharing your abilities and blessings to get some blessings dumped on them as well!  Never let another person’s opinion of your ambitions keep you from being who your Heavenly Father has designed you to become.

XOXO – Heath


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