vision in chaos

In a recent discussion with a friend, he asked a serious personal question.     “Have you ever had a blog?”

I know what you are thinking. How is that personal? But to me, it is. One day back in 9th grade English, a deep realization hit me that changed everything. I discovered my love of writing. It had a way of opening doors to never-ending opportunities.  Mrs. Greenwell encouraged me, pushing my thoughts further than I imagined possible.  And then something altered my vision.

Yes, I once became a bloggist (one who blogs)….trust me it’s a word. I made it up. But did I share my words?  Duh, of course I didn’t!!! I made a private account and maybe wrote 12 posts total over a period of four years. So, clearly, I started another journal.  If anybody knows me like I do, I am miserable at keeping journals.  I just can’t keep going with them.

So…what’s my point?!  What affected the course of my writing?


What a puny little word to hold so much power over all of our heads and hearts.  

Who would want to read anything I have to say?  What difference will it make?  I don’t have anything influential or useful to say that hasn’t been said by someone else. That’s right.  I was a wimp.  I lacked the courage to be ME.  But not today.

Today is new.  There may be chaos and rubble spread around my past…and possibly even in my future.

But today, I remembered who I am.  More importantly, I took a moment to visualize who I can become.  Welcome to my journey in finding ME.

XOXO – Heath


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